The 13th Floor Elevators – Easter Everywhere (Newbury Comics)

Newbury Comics wirft ebenfalls eine neue Platte in den Ring. Hier und jetzt geht es um “Easter Everywhere” von The 13th Floor Elevators.

Bestellbar ist die Schallplatte unter diesem Link. Schnell sein, denn meist sind die Sachen fix weg.

Wer noch etwas mehr Information braucht, dem sei ebenfalls geholfen:

‘Easter Everywhere’ was The 13th Floor Elevators second album. Widely regarded as the band’s finest, the album captures them before the drug abuse, mental health problems and run-ins with the law that lead to their premature demise took hold.

This 2-disc edition features the original mono album plus the original stereo version newly remastered. The latter is different to the alternative stereo version used on the ‘Sign Of The Three Eyed Men’ boxset and disc 2 also features a bonus track.

The recordings were remastered and remixed from the original tapes in 2007 by original producer Walt Andrus and presented in a luxury digibook limited edition of 5,000 copies with a detailed 16-page booklet written by band expert Paul Drummond.