Zayn – Icarus Falls (Newbury Comics)

Newbury Comics wirft ebenfalls eine neue Platte in den Ring. Hier und jetzt geht es um “Icarus Falls” von Zayn.

Bestellbar ist die Schallplatte unter diesem Link. Schnell sein, denn meist sind die Sachen fix weg.

Wer noch etwas mehr Information braucht, dem sei ebenfalls geholfen:

The first disc, ICARUS brings light with joyous, anthemic tracks including the hit single “Let Me,” the swooning track “Common” and the love song “There You Are.” While FALLS, reflects the darker side of life; from the vices of humankind, laid bare in tracks like “Sour Diesel” and “Entertainer,” through to its struggles, sang about in the emotional song “Good Years.” This side features iconic producer Timbaland, on “Too Much,” and superstar Nicki Minaj on “No Candle, No Light.” This album is a culmination of ZAYN’s work since the release of his debut album Mind Of Mine.