Old Solar – Quiet Prayers (Redux)

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‘Quiet Prayers (Redux)’ by Old Solar on 180g coloured vinyl

Comes in a regular 12″ case sleeve in two variants:

  • EU variant: White w/ Green Marble (limited to 300 copies)
  • US variant: White w/ Blue Marble (limited to 200 copies)

Note: only 20 US copies available in our webshop! Head over to A Thousand Arms‘ webshop to secure your US copy. 

Also available at Bird’s Robe RecordsChurch Road Records and New Noise China.

Release on February 18th, 2022.


The Raleigh, North Carolina post-rock band Old Solar has always been firmly rooted in conceptual foundations and the evolution of ideas. Their albums have explored the cycles of life: the changing of the seasons, death and rebirth, so it’s only fitting their upcoming release Quiet Prayers is a merging of old and new, a fresh walk over familiar ground.

Beginning its existence in 2017 as an EP of minimalist ambient compositions written by guitarist Travis Brooks, who was at the time still working as a solo artist behind the Old Solar moniker, Quiet Prayers was ripe for reconsideration once William Baker and Evan King joined as full-time members for 2019’s SEE.

The album reemerges now with further fleshed out arrangements, though its presentation honors the original form, maintaining a softer spirit in contrast to the breathtaking scope of its predecessor.


Listen to the first single from Quiet Prayers (redux) titled ‘Be Still, and Know That I Am’, featured on the freshly released Hemispheres: Volume VI compilation by A Thousand Arms (January 28th, 2022).