Ithaca – They Fear Us (Evil Greed)

Die Kollegen von Evil Greed haben auch wieder einen neuen Preorder ins Rennen geworfen. Dieses Mal geht es um Ithaca mit “They Fear Us”.

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The LP is pressed onto recycled color vinyl, and includes foldout artwork / lyric poster. Recycled vinyl production uses the factory’s leftover color wax; each color is different and the color is completely random.

‘They Fear Us’ is the new album from acclaimed UK metallic hardcore troupe Ithaca, due for release 29th July.

A glitter-covered nailbomb, Ithaca seamlessly blend the brutality of Relapse Records metalcore with blackgaze, 90s industrial metal, 70s prog and even tinges of 80s power pop. New album ‘They Fear Us’ comes with a clear vision and aesthetic: drawing from members’ different ancestral heritage, queer/non-conforming identities and iconic figures in avant-garde, new wave and post-punk culture.