Hubris – Metempsychosis (Dunk! Records)

Bei Dunk! Records gibt es wieder einen wunderbaren Preorder. Sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen. Dieses mal das Album “Metempsychosis” von Hubris! Schickes Ding!

Unter folgendem Link kann man sich das Album vorbestellen.

Dunk! Records liefert aber auch direkt noch ein paar Infos dazu, die die Sache abrunden. Der zugehörige Text auf der Page liest sich wie folgt:

Vendor: dunk!records
Type: Vinyl
Metempsychosis by Hubris. on 180g colored vinyl. It comes as a double LP in a sleeved cover with a 4mm spine w/ Disc 1 Trans Blue and Disc 2 Trans Red.

Also available at Church Road Records (UK), A Thousand Arms (US), New Noise China (CN).

Releases Nov. 12th, 2021.


Metempsychosis explores the cycle of life and death, but most importantly, as its name suggests, reincarnation and rebirth. All the songs tell a story of the intricacies surrounding pivotal moments in the lives of characters from Greek Mythology – i.e. the main source of inspiration for our music.

For example, the song Heracles tells the story of the Greek Hero Heracles, also known as Hercules. He was not only given the chance to be born in the first place when Zeus intervened at the trial of Heracles’ mother who had been sentenced to burn at the stake, but was the only mortal who was granted access to Mount Olympus after his death. The song’s repeating patterns echo Heracles’ own life, as he was constantly tried, most famously by Zeus’ resentful wife Hera. The song is divided into twelve parts alluding to both Heracles’ labours and the different stages of his life, the last two being musical illustrations of his rise to Mount Olympus and his place among the gods until the end of times.

Metempsychosis invites you on a musical journey through the tales of Hepius, Dionysus, Icarus and his father Dedalus, Adonis and Heracles and to reflect on how their stories may mirror your own.

– Hubris.