Bruecken – Schall Und Raum (Moment Of Collapse)

Das Hamburger Label Moment Of Collapse Records um Sebastian hat ebenfalls den Shop auf den neusten Stand gebracht. Mit Bruecken und “Schall Und Raum” gibt es einen guten Grund, die Kohle mal auf den Kopf zu hauen!

Keine Sorge, der Link ist da und ihr dürft loslegen! Infos noch, was eben die Page so zu sagen hat:

2nd Press available on 11.03.2022

BRUECKEN from nothern germany play atmoshperic, instrumental music. In may 2016 the project was created under the influence of bands like ENVY, FJORT, THE TIDAL SLEEP and THRICE to deliver a dark and atmospheric rendition of Post-Hardcore. The founding line-up developed five songs that suited their visions and after just five months they recorded the first tracks and release them on a selftitled EP. After the first live performances, the bandlinup changed and David Barteczko joined the band. One year later the band had to deal with with the loss of their former bass player Jan Wiethölter. The band decided to continue, but to change the direction of their music. From this day on they were an instrumental postrock band. Thorge Freidel, David Barteczko, Florian Alemi and Claudius Mertins found with Jens Niehoff a perfect addition to their lineup. In late 2018 they started to write and record the songs for their first longplayer „Schall Und Raum“. The five songs have a unique multi-faceted signature. Classical postrock-elements mix with progressive guitar lines and „wall of sound“ moments. Also the bandmembers (musically) background in punk/ hardcore is visible in the songs.

1st Press: 100x sea-blue (13.12.2019) SOLD OUT
2nd Press: 250x bone Vinyl (11.03.2022)