Bruecken – Innere Unruhen (Moment Of Collapse)

Das Hamburger Label Moment Of Collapse Records um Sebastian hat ebenfalls den Shop auf den neusten Stand gebracht. Mit Bruecken und “Innere Unruhen” gibt es einen guten Grund, die Kohle mal auf den Kopf zu hauen!

Keine Sorge, der Link ist da und ihr dürft loslegen! Infos noch, was eben die Page so zu sagen hat:

This is a Preorder, Releasedate: 30.04.2022

BRUECKEN return with „Innere Unruhen“, their sophomore release on Moment Of Collapse Records. The new output is a maelstrom of heavy Postrock and instrumental Posthardcore. BRUECKEN still rely on their instruments only to produce material, that manages to tell stories and speak for itself.
The 6 Songs on Innere Unruhen, a german phrase for „feelings of unease and unrest“ as well as „civil unrest“, appear way more refined than their previous material and mark the first output, that wasn’t recorded in a livesession.
Innere Unruhen takes the listener on a journey through desolate walls, rising tides, vanishing silhouttes and pitch-black darkness, just to leave you falling backwards and waking up again in front of a warm colored screen.
BRUECKEN managed to write a fullength, that shows a clear progression of the bands distinctive sound, but still delivers enough references to their musical roots.

With the help of Fabian Schulz at Sunsetter Recordingstudio, who took care for the recordings as well as the mixing and Alan Douches over at West West Side, who mastered the final files, BRUECKEN took the next step on their creative path.

Innere Unruhen should be listened to by everyone, who cheers for bands such as If These Trees Could Talk, Red Sparowes, We Lost The Sea and Envy.

1st Press (25.03.2022):
200x black
100x orange clear