[ B O L T ] + Aidan Baker (Dunk! Records)

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Vendor: dunk!records
Type: Vinyl
Collaboration LP with [ B O L T ] and Aidan Baker.
Comes on 180g colored vinyl. Limited to 150 copies.
Pressed with our own hands at dunk!pressing.

Also available at A Thousand Arms [US], Church Road Records [UK], Bird’s Robe Records [AUS] and New Noise China [CN].

Releases: December 10th, 2021.


Over the past few years, Aidan Baker (Nadja, Werl, Hypnodrone Ensemble, Caudal and many more) and [B O L T] have worked on a joint project – and the work has paid off. The result is a massive sound storm consisting of drone, feedback and an extravagant atmosphere. The three basses create a gloomy soundscape with the percussions contributing textural and atmospheric elements, rather than beatss or rhythms. The two songs on the collaboration album are like a maelstrom, a journey, a flight through a foggy night.

Aidan Baker Bass
Andreas Brinke Bass
Benjamin Fleczok Additional percussions
Dennis Strillinger Percussions
Thomas Rosen Bass

Recorded between 2013 and 2021 in Berlin, Bochum and Krefeld
Recorded by Aidan Baker, Andreas Brinke and Dennis Strillinger
Mixed by Andreas Brinke, mastered by Aidan Baker
Layout by Ansgar König, based on pictures by Thomas Rosen